Fighting for a fair deal for Bolton, says Burnham

Image Credit: The Bolton News

A message from Andy Burnham

For too long the Tory Government has prioritised London and the South over Bolton and the rest of the North of England.

The Tories promised us a Northern Powerhouse but they are failing to fund our NHS, police, schools, councils and transport. I will fight for a fair deal for Bolton.

* The Government spends six times more per person on transport in the South-East than in the North

* Local Police have lost almost 2,000 officers since 2010 because of budget cuts from Government

* 99% of our schools are facing funding cuts between now and 2020, leading to teacher redundancies and larger class sizes

* One in four jobs in Greater Manchester pays less than the living wage – with average weekly income £200 higher in London than our area

* Home ownership has fallen more sharply in Greater Manchester than anywhere else in the country – including London

* One in four children in Greater Manchester grow up in poverty

This is a great place with great people. But our potential has been held back for too long.

It is time to build a new future for our towns and together we will make real change happen.