Bolton set to get £12m share of fund to plug Tory care crisis

Bolton is set to receive a £12m share of the £2 billion nationally to plug the social care funding gap. Split over three years this works out as £6M for 17/18, reducing to £4m in 18/19 and £2m in 19/10.

Councillor Linda Thomas, commenting on the Spring Budget social care allocation for Bolton, said: 

“Despite the announcement of the one-off government funding, short-term pressures remain and the challenge of finding a long-term solution to the social care crisis is far from over.

“The funding gap facing social care is due to the increase in 85 year olds with chronic conditions needing support, which is an extra 4.5% each year. We must ensure providers in the fragile care market can pay the government’s definition of the Living Wage and must deal with inflation which is beginning to come through. Additional funding needs to be recurrent and put into local government baselines budgets.

“As a Council, we are committed to providing an adult social care system that promotes everybody’s wellbeing and ensures that all people with care and support needs, and their carers, can live independently and with dignity.

“The government’s late recognition is a sticking plaster. It will keep the care crisis at bay initially but there can be no room for complacency. We need a system that is fit for future generations and that will not be possible without a long-term solution to how adult social care is funded. Engagement on this with local government, service users, carers and the community is imperative and urgently needed.”