Working together for safer neighbourhoods

Labour-led Bolton Council is working with the Police and other agencies to make sure that you and your loved ones have peace mind in your neighbourhood and your own home.

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Safer roads – investing, saving lives

The 20mph rollout is almost now complete and it will considerably reduce the number of fatalities on our roads, especially those that have been installed outside local schools and community centres. Our commitment to making our roads safer swiftly moved on to the next stage with the installation of flashing speed signs outside schools. Our motivation is simple: a child has a much better chance of survival if they are hit by a car travelling at 20mph rather than 30mph.

The programme is funded from a one-off £1 million capital investment secured by Labour Councillors. Other projects such as driver feedback signs which indicate to a motorist how fast they are driving are also being funded through the pot.

LED street lighting – clear, safe and saving taxpayers’ money 

The LED lanterns lining the streets of our borough are more affective, lower in carbon and highly energy efficient. This is part of Labour-led Bolton Council’s wider investment, taking place across the borough, to reduce the burden on taxpayers. The street lighting programme should save taxpayers £14million over the next 20 years and reduce energy use by around 50%.

The Council spends £2.1million on energy bills every year, and carbon dioxide emissions cost us £100k annually. As the project nears completion, the energy savings are now being met. The white light that is emitted by the LED lanterns give us well-let streets and much clearer CCTV footage making our neighborgoods safter for everyone.