Fighting for our valued public services

Despite the savage Conservative cuts forced on local Council budgets, Labour is committed to protecting our services.

Labour Councillors are ensuring that our community receive their fair share of Council funding. There many demands on the Councils resources. Whether it’s caring for older or vulnerable people across the borough; making sure our roads keep moving through the winter months; emptying your bins; and filling pot holds. 

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Protecting the most vulnerable

Bolton Council was always only able to deliver services because of Central Government cash – know as Revenue – but this has been cut year-on-year from £250million. By 2020 the cash the Council receives from Government will be less then £15million. This has crippled councils across our country, unable to cope. But locally, under Labour leadership, services have been protected with innovative schemes that make sure the most vulnerable in our communities do not suffer under this Tory Government’s unfair austerity agenda.

Supporting community groups 

As Government cuts has taken their toll on services, Labour Councillors have worked closely with our vibrant and committed voluntary and community groups to support people from all walks of life across our borough.

The Community Empowerment Fund has helped groups improve their services and reach even more people in the community to offer a helping hand. Some of the key principles set out by Labour Councillors include:

  • Giving our children the best possible start in life
  • Improving health and wellbeing
  • Supporting older people in Bolton
  • Protecting and improving our environment
  • Developing stronger communities