Putting care at the heart of our community

The health and care services provided by the Council are not often the first things that come to mind when you ask: where has all the money gone? It’s the physical, visible services, like bins, roads and grass cutting. 

Despite the cuts forced on local services, started by the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats in Coalition (2010-2015), Labour-led Bolton Council has prioritised investment and led innovative schemes to maintain and improve facilities and services for local people.

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Major investment for improved health and day care facilities across the borough

Winifred Kettle – After a full refurbishment, Westhoughton now benefits from excellent health provision with a range of new and existing services under one roof. The Centre is now the base for the local district nursing team, the health visitor teams and the integrated neighbourhood team. Services run alongside day care and a new district nursing treatment room offering some therapeutic services currently not available in this area of Bolton.

The Conservative Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, on a visit to Winifred Kettle in January 2017, highlighted Labour’s commitment to improving health and care services across the borough as “a model for how things should be done.”

Brazley Centre – Horwich also benefits from improved adult day care and community facilities following the construction of a new purpose built building. The new hub involved the transfer of older adults’ day care provision from its previous home in the nearby former Brazley Library, plus day care provision for adults with learning difficulties from The Hilton Suite in Horwich Leisure Centre. The Centre continues to serve local people with improved community centre facilities.

Pioneering care company better serving local needs, owned by you

Longer life expectancy is a fantastic achievement of modern medicine, but it brings with it an ever growing blackhole in funding social care services as well as placing greater pressure on resources.

In 2016, as the Tory Government’s health policy plunged us into a national care crisis, Labour-led Bolton Council set into motion trailblazing plans that would protect social care services in the borough as continued Tory cuts threatened closures. The move saw the creation of a new not-for-profit public company called Bolton Cares – serving the community, owned by you. The transition was seamless for residents that use and rely on services as the company continues to provide supported living services, day care services for older people and adults with disabilities, extra care services, and the shared lives service.

These important community services no longer have an axe hanging over them thanks to the forward-thinking plan to create Bolton Cares, which means that they are guaranteed to continue for many years to come.